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Chromegoonie vs Kangaroobot

Programs used: ZBrush and KeyShot

goonie post front

goonie post back

The original plan for this mischievous looking creature was to sculpt an organic looking hybrid animal, but my hard surface instincts took over and led me to the current shiny result. Let’s go into more specific detail about the process shall we?

boring process first

boring process 2

Starting off with a z-sphere rig, I began the job of bulking him up with clay buildup, and oddly enough- trim adaptive (while pushing ALT) which created some weird shapes. I settled in on nailing the head piece, and fashioned a pair of gloves with z-modeler but obviously those shoes needed work, lol.

boring process 3

chrome goonie detail post process

While getting the main sub-tool geometry locked in, I took the liberty of experimenting with the curve surface brushes to generate the paneling for the legs on the goonie. Curve surface acts like a loft/nurbs tool which took some getting used to, but I can see myself using it more in the future. Finally, I dropped a lightcap in the scene and split a few more pieces out of the base model that I could apply some john blaze materials to once I imported the little guy into KeyShot. The finished product is obviously lacking the long marsupial tail, but still packs a punch. One Hunnit!

chrome goonie post feature