sub aqua post headee

Sub Aquatic Shock Helm

Programs used: ZBrush, Keyshot and Photoshop

sub aqua basic process one

sub aqua post process two

Let’s go underwater! So yeah… the general concept behind this helm was to create a retro looking design that could conceivably be deployed by futuristic Navy SEALS for some nautical wet works so to speak. It starts off simply enough as a dynamesh blob, but instead of the requisite pushing and pulling with the flatten brush, I channeled Samurai Jack and chopped out the major shapes with the clip curve. As u can see from the photos above, I had a few design challenges involving the potential overuse of alpha stamps, lol.

keyshot post firsht

keyshot post sheccond

After I got the completed mesh more or less locked in, I went looking for military style decals to paint onto the helm using the Spotlight function. Then it was time to shoot this bad boy out to Keyshot for some HDRI goodness. The above two images represent the completed sub-aquatic design with some jiggy looking reflective glass mats on the visor and top window. I also had fun dropping a shiny brass vent mat on the rear shape thingy to give it a heater/fan appearance. Being a creature of habit I just gotta drop the BPR renders into Photoshop and tweak around with the adjustment layers for that showroom sparkle. I’m not blown away by the results, but I do believe it’s a marked improvement from my first helm. SWEET.

Thanks for reading!