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Fantasy Mega Beast

Programs used: ZBrush and Photoshop

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So we begin the Megabeast with a simple ZSphere quadruped. We then click adaptive mesh and begin blocking out the major shapes- taking care not to get too specific yet, we just want to get a basic idea of the form. I believe I used a lion anatomy for reference while getting the shape locked in with the clay buildup brush, and the standard brush to leave some landmarks for when I subdivide later.

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After settling on a complementary purple, yellow/orangeish color scheme for the beast, I appended a pair of eyes to him and filled them with the toy plastic material to get a simple built in reflection. I then decided to nerf the original tube shaped antennae on the beast back in favor of a more bony, and spiky rock type of look.
I also go ahead and subdivide up and begin carving in the musculature with the dam standard brush, and adding some minor color variations with color spray, alpha settings and polypaint.

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The final touches after pretty much nailing the amount of detail I want on the body and face of the Mega Beast would be to set up some interesting default lighting under light caps and using Transpose Master to give him a (more or less) menacing pose. I then BPR render the depth, shadow, shaded, and mask PSDs and move on to Photoshop. Under Layers I play around with the color intensity and translucence of the beast until I get something that most folks find unpleasant to say the least. Mission accomplished.

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