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Anatomical Hero

Programs used: ZBrush, KeyShot, and Photoshop


b&w post pose

This is the first assignment I received in my ZBrush Character Development class last fall at Studio Arts. It’s technically my first “true” Zbrush model, and naturally it’s gone through a few iterations before reaching the level of completion that it has today. The concept was to create an anatomically correct Avengers style humanoid/hero. I started this one off with a low poly ZSphere in Zbrush, and then Transpose duplicated down for the torso shape. Per my instructor’s advice, I used the Curve Tube brush to extend the legs and arm shapes out, then Dyna Mesh them to the base mesh. I modeled the hands separately, then saved them as an insert mesh brush.

red hero turnaround post

red hero keyshot post 2

After panel looping some superficial detail for the uniform, I stumbled upon the Curve Pinch brush, which sped up my workflow tremendously. This allowed me to chisel in much of the musculature organically, without going overboard with the H Polish brush, Dam Standard, etc. The pictures directly above this paragraph were done using the ZBrush to KeyShot bridge. I basically did a couple of render passes with the HDRI Environmental lighting and swapping out the ZBrush Mats for the Keyshot materials. The results are inconclusive, as both versions of my first ZBrush model have their own unique merits. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below.