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Meta-Sect Helm Prototype

Programs used: ZBrush and Photoshop

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Here we have a futuristic next-gen helmet that I started work on last fall, as a potential design for rapid prototyping purposes. I originally envisioned it as sort of a stealth insectoid helm with compound vision that improves with movement, and less optimal lighting conditions. First I start with a Dyna-mesh object from the light box and subdivide it a couple of times. Using the Flatten, Smooth, and Trim Dynamic brush I work up until I feel the model has decent integrity. Next, I punch in a few shapes with the Insert Cylinder brush, and do a few simple Transpose extrusions along the surface to simulate components, or batteries.

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A couple of minor color adjustments later, the bug eyed helm is ready for the candy paint job. To make sure the hard surface look was consistent, I added some Panel Loops and creased them before bumping (subdividing) the model up. To get the weathered look of brushed metal, I decided to export (drop) views to Photoshop using ZApplink to add some noise, and a couple of decals. Once back in ZBrush, I set up the final lighting with Light Caps, and add the spot light, fills, and back lighting.

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