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The Third Basic Ideal: No Excuses

Today we’ll be reviewing the Third Basic Ideal “No Excuses”. Anyone serious about growing their business can ill afford to waste time making them. Time is in short supply in today’s just add water, perpetually connected, wireless world. As we discussed in the last installment- motivated go-getters who seek to work for themselves will stretch a typical eight hour day into twelve, and possibly even sixteen if they happen to feel like Carl Weathers on steroids.

Realistically there will be various and sundry challenges to productivity that pop up like jack-in-the-box to throw you off your grind and distort your focus. At the end of the day however, there is not one unforeseen circumstance that you can point to that will be accepted as a legitimate reason for failure. Nobody is interested in hearing your sob stories about how you lost- they only care if you win.

Winners don’t waste time complaining about a so called “loss” because they practice a very effective mental technique called prioritizing. Imagining solutions to potential and real problems takes priority over commiserating about them. Creating short term and long term goals can immediately reduce the stress that comes with being unprepared for whatever, and having to obfuscate when the inevitable happens and procrastination rears it’s ugly stank head. Procrastination is at the root of all failed enterprise, because it’s based in fear-of failure (Kind of stupid right?). There is also a healthy fear of the unknown lurking beneath every stalled masterpiece or half finished script that causes normally intelligent people to sound mentally challenged or drunk off that Patron when the eleventh hour hits.

That being said, the most effective method of prioritizing in my opinion boils down to three key elements; Identify, Organize, and Execute. First we need to identify exactly what the information bottleneck in whatever particular project we undertake is. Most times there is a major component of the work being swept under the rug due to lack of knowledge that needs to simply be taken apart and studied obsessively until it becomes second nature. Secondly, we need to organize the lesser components into smaller blocks that can be tackled in succession, from highest difficulty to simplest. Finally, we need to execute all plans with extreme prejudice if any progress can be made, and that means deading all excuses big or small. Because when the tally sheets come in, and the tax man comes for his cut, they aren’t trying to hear that you forgot to hit H&R Block because you got HIGH. ONE HUNNIT