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Foreign Policy Is The Lick

Rampart wins again
15 Enemy Of The State by How To Make Loot

This is the official re-release of the legendary 2004 underground classic, Foreign Policy LP by Steve Majors The Fall Guy. I created the persona of Steve Majors as an obvious riff on the old school character of Lee Majors of television fame, but also as an answer to the overriding wickedness of the Bush 43 presidency.

This record should have gotten major distribution back in 04 but due to industry politics and things of that nature it never came out. Who knows, maybe the Illuminati themselves had a hand in shutting it down, lol. At any rate, I’m offering it for free here on my blog to anyone that likes that uncut raw Bolivian boom bap. There is one missing track Jekyll Island feat. The Minista which unfortunately got damaged along the way, but everything else is intact including the hilarious Chocolate Bronze interludes. Shout out to my girl Nsinga. One.