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Big Brother Got The Game On Smash

Platinum late pass on this one, but go to the site formerly known as OnSmash.com and the starkly foreboding image above is what you’ll see (go ahead click it). Most lay people are perhaps aware that the government has been cracking down on file sharing something fierce with the closure or re-configuration of a handful of torrent sites like Mininova and Pirate Bay.

What the average person doesn’t know however is that Big Brother’s pimp hand is stretching like Mister Fantastic to put the smack down on more or less legitimate sites that may actually be sanctioned by the industry currently persecuting them (Points at the RIAA). Sound confusing?

Brando at Refined Hype writes:

By directly attacking music bloggers, Homeland Security (and by a stretch the government) essentially has decided to combat wars that are not wars within U.S. soil against people who do more for the industry, for the generation of new artist than possibly the RIAA itself. It’s easy to notice that those bloggers have already gained full compliance with the RIAA via the Digital Music Copyright Act but in the eyes of this writer, it obviously was not enough.

The irony here is that form sites such as OnSmash do not openly support trading of illegal albums or music. That issue is left up to the actual members who make the posts on the forums. The only information logged under the forum’s history would be that site file happens to exist and is hosted on a third party server. The only things actually hosted on the OS server? Music videos – released in conjunction with underground artists, mainstream artists or alternative acts.

This amounts to a scorched earth policy from the music industry whereby the attack on a few major entities creates a trickle down effect and the little guys basically dead themselves to avoid the glare of the interrogation lamp. I distinctly remember my pockets being walloped back in 07 when the same gatekeepers raided DJ Drama’s crib and seized all of his mixtapes (and whatever else they could find). Immediately following this raid every vendor I did business with decided that artist sponsored mixtapes were too hot to handle and turned the other cheek. So regardless whether these rappers gave their blessing to use the music- the guys in the suits eating Chicken Mahkani and dancing offbeat to New Boyz (or whatever the latest swag rap abortion is hot at the time) have determined that they OWN you, and there will be no tax free unaccounted for income to be made by YOU the starving dickhead artist.

It’s a failing proposition for the simple fact that criminals (cyber or not) will always find new and innovative ways to make dirty money (no Diddy) and hating on legitimate commerce and networking for artists and fans is equivalent to gun control in the ghetto-only bystanders get shot. ONE HUNNIT.